Sunday, February 24, 2013

Necropolis Caretakers #2

*since going free to play the amount of Infinity stones gotten from completing the dailiy has increased.

 More Dailies

 More dailies can be found for this faction in the Zerzala, Steppes of Infinity after completing a chain quest. Several of the dailies here change out between those listed below. 

 Two of the dailies stay constant are the "Planar Invasion" and "Our Efforts" quests (not listed above but picked up in the same area). The difference here is that the two quests picked up in Zerzala give 300 rep and Infinity Stones. These can be done along with the two quests by the same name picked up in either Necropolis or Arlan's Challenge that give the source stones. So you can pick up one set of quests with the lower level stones in either Necropolis or Arlan's Challenge and one set with the higher level stones in the Steppes of Infinity.

Planar Dust

Planar Dusts and Essences are random rewards for closing rifts and killing footholds. But if you ever find yourself in need of some dust for a recipe you can swap some higher level dust to the lower level dust. The exchange is 1 for 1 so you do not lose any additional materials, however if you exchange the Empyerian Dust you won't be able to exchange for it back if you change your mind later.

In Sanctum Ekkzell Klamert (7055,2768) is the planar dust exchange vendor. He has a booth against the wall and he is next to the Outfitters Loom.

In Meridian Surnchu Chechegi (5801,4939) is the planar dust exchange vendor. She is located in the Manufactory across the room from the bank and auctioneer.

Empyrean Planar Dust drop randomly by closing rifts and killing footholds in the Storm Legion expansion

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Scarwood Reach Resources

*Requires Butchering of 110
*killing animals in this area gives Red Star Trackers rep

Heavy Hide

Lean Bacon
Jagged tooth
Rib Rack
Shattered Bone

Linen Cloth
(cloth can be found on Shatterbone Slayer, Mage ,Sentry, Hunter, Marauder in the Timar Foothills)

Requires a fishing level of 90

Shallow water
Freshwater Shrimp
Scarwood Crystalfish- Exchange for Ironclaw Trappers or Red Scar Trackers goods or rep

Deep Water 
*Deep water in this area may be hard to find. There is one place at (2870, 3357) in between the roots of a giant tree.

Ironshell Crab

Chromite ore - skill 115
     Beryl container (Blood Beryl, Radiant Emerald)
Silver ore - skill 80
     Geode container (Celestite)
Iron ore - skill 75
     Geode container (Celestite)

Wyvenspur - skill 115
Roc Orchid - skill 145
Mahogany Log - skill 115
Golden Nettle - skill 80

Rares of the old World update 8/31/13

Location                                                  Mob                                                  Coordinates

Scarwood Reach                             Corpse Grinder                                            (2826,3683)
Moonshade Highlands                    Nytami                                                         (5502.164)

Freemarch Resources

Soft Hide
Thin Hide - from mobs lvl 15 or higher

Rotting Canine - from skin-able mobs lvl 15 or higher
Cracked Rib
Lean Steak

Burlap cloth
Cotton cloth- from mobs lvl 15 or higher

*Requires level 1 fishing*

Shallow water
Smooth Minnow
Nornmal Eyed guppy
Forest Pondleaper

Deep water
Deep march Eel
False Shark
Blue Widemouth

Tin Lode - 1 Mining
    Field Stone- (Moonstone, Sunstone)
Copper Vein - 35 Mining

Coastal Glory - 1 Foraging
Grieve Blossom -  1 Foraging
Creeperbush - 30 Foraging

Yew Log - 1 Foraging
Ashwood Log - 35 Foraging